Mayaas Store Sdn. Bhd. was established on 16 Mac 2011 and business was operated on 19 September 2011. The company formed by two directors as shareholders. Located in Puchong, Kinrara, Semenyih and Kajang Selangor. 

We are one stop center which has vast products of prayers item, food products, spices, grains, millets, fruits & vegetables, costume jewelries, imitation jewelries, household, stationery, organic products, herbal medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, decoration items and fresh flowers & Garlands.

We are specialized as wholesaler for all the above products. We are importers for special and original prayer items.


Our mission is being a one stop center as retailers and wholesalers. We are recognized importers of prayer items, spices, grains, imitation jewelries, costume jewelries, herbal medicines and decoration items.


Mayaas Store to establish eight (8) branches in the important cities in Malaysia. To be recognized as ISO certified company and develop as Group of Companies



What people say?

Mayaas Store is mainly an Indian shop selling majority needed item from rice to condiments, milk to yoghurt, oil to spices. Indian accessories like bangles, shoes, and so an also available here. All prayer items also available.


What people say?

Friendly staff, reasonable prices for products sold and very convenient as it has almost all traditional indian products available.

Soobrina Sevestian

What people say?

Convenience Store with many Prayer, Cooking and Accessories items. Good location for neighborhood to purchase things. Price is also much affordable. Things needed during festival Pongal, Thaipusam and Deepavali is easily available.

Vinosyah Palaniandy

What people say?

Mayaas Store Kajang mainly Indian groceries pooja(prayers) things, household products, facial products, artificial jewelers, traditional indian vegetarian food, drinks and sweets are available with reasonable price. They have local produce products and from india as well. Excellent and helpful customer service providers by the cashier and staff.

Gunacithra Ananthan

What people say?

One of the best stores in town, the staffs are very efficient, I attentive and customer friendly. The items on sale is well spread and easy to identify. You never leave without a wide smile each time you visit the store.

Dr. Kajang Nambiar

What people say?

The best indian retail shop in semenyih

Prathab Balan

What people say?

Semenyih Indian Store. You can find all kind indian basic things here. Easy to find parking as well.

Shree Murugan

What people say?

Best place to get all kind of indian stuffs.

Dr. Balakrishnan Govinthasamy (Balagovin)


MAHA SHIVARATRI(மஹா சிவராத்திரி)18.02.2023: Maha Shivaratri is the ideal day when you can access the energies of lord shiva and receive his blessings to remove all kinds of karma and acquire new consciousness. The Night provides scope for changing the repetitive patterns of thoughts that keep creation the same reality for you recurrently. Such a change that is spurred with in can remove all obstacles that keep you shick at any phase of life. Maha shivaratri can thus, help in energizing and nurturing your body and mind with a new consciousness that offers a chance to create a new life, with new opportunities. The sound vibrations of the mantra "NA MA SI VA YA" are the sounds of the five elements, * NA is a sound of the Earth Elements * MA is a sound of the Water Element * SI is a sound of the fir elements * VA is a sound of the Air or wind element * YA is a sound for the ether or causal plane. The from two wards-" SHIV & RATRI" it literally translate as " The Night Of Lord Shiva" and is dedicated to the great Hindu god who create, protects and transforms the universe. Maha shivaratri means many things to many people one of the central themes, which resonates most strongly among devotees, is the idea of "Over Coming Darkness And Ignorance. This Night of Sacrifice.

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shani pradosam(சனி பிரதோஷம்)18.02.23: It is believed that people worshipping shiva on a shani pradosa will a "free from the fear of death and diseases". they would also be granted worldly treasures.

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SANGADAHARA CHATURTHI (சங்கடஹர சதுர்த்தி 09.02.2023): The people who observe fast every month on the day of Sankashti Chaturthi, are blessed by Lord Ganesha with auspiciousness, happiness, prosperity and also Lord Ganesha protects them from all obstacles in life. It is belived that the childless families must observe fast on the day of Sankashti Chaturti to get blessed.

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